They Say Clothes Make the Man. Make Sure the Shoes Compliment the Look!

Rocco has been in business for over 40 years and a big reason why is his attention to detail when it comes to his customers. When you shop at Rocco’s Custom Tailor, allow his expert personalized service to pick out the perfect pair of shoes and belts to go with your new outfit. In addition to the personalized service, when you shop for shoes locally, you help support our local small business. A win/win for both customers and Rocco!


Here at Rocco’s Custom Tailor, we are proud to sell Florsheim shoes & belts. They are an American timeless brand dedicated to the Florsheim principles of fine craftsmanship, quality and elegant styling. Their classic black shoes can be worn with tuxedo or slacks with a polo. Florsheim shoes are comfortable, smart and long lasting. They can be used for everyday wear and are glove soft on the inside. Whether it’s the Medfield Boot Zip, Tux, Allis Wingtip Oxford, Felix or Corbetta, Rocco’s Custom Tailor has got you covered with the perfect Florsheim shoe at a tremendous value.


At Rocco’s Custom Tailor, we are proud to offer Corrente shoes & belts. Corrente is constructed with the highest quality raw materials for a low price. The shoe comes in a wide array of models and has been developed to offer unique creations with a recognizable style. From Corrente’s gorgeous collection of pyhthon, suede and leather loafers to their stylish pyhthon and leather lace-ups, Rocco will be sure to pick out the perfect Corrente pair for your chosen attire.

Aldon Shoes

Alden shoes are finely crafted shoes made here in the United States. It’s a company over 100 years old that has refused to ever budge on it’s dedication to quality. They utilize the best leathers including the hallowed shell cordovan, bomb-proof Goodyear welted construction. Rocco can help you pick out that timeless classic Alden shoe that dovetails perfectly with your chosen attire.