Not Looking for Something Custom, Try One of Premium Suits Off the Rack

Get a Perfectly Altered Suit Off the Rack Today!

The rack suits Rocco’s Custom Tailor provides, come in over 100+ different colors of fabric and four different cuts in any size. For example, if you are size 42, we carry four different sizes in 42 from portly to slim fit starting at $390 up to $850.

When you purchase a rack suit from us, you are supporting a local business here in Summit, NJ. Supporting a local business is more important now than ever before. Additionally, you get the added bonus of Rocco’s personalized service creating a semi-custom fit for you. By reading Rocco’s Custom Tailor reviews, you will see you won’t find a more professional and satisfying experience purchasing a rack suit anywhere else in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or the Tri-state area.

Rocco’s Custom Tailor in Summit, NJ offers several high-end rack suit brands.

We feature:

High quality wool fabrics.

The Jack Victor collection is made from high quality wool fabrics. Each and every piece of the suit exquisitely made on the inside and out. Their collections offer exclusive offerings from the best mills of Northern Italy. Nearly 300 operations involving cutting, pressing and sewing go into the final tailored suit. A Jack Victor suit combines the perfect blend of modern and classical- neither too avant garde nor too traditional.

Premium seasonal fabrics

S. Cohen suits are made from premium seasonal fabrics sourced from the finest Italian mills including Ermenegildo Zegna, Reda, and Vitale Barberis Canonico. The S. Cohen collections feature their proprietary iMeasure platform. It allows customers to experience a customized experience from fiber to garment. You as the customer have the option to select such items as the cut, pockets, buttons, collar and lining. All this fine tuning of your suit delivers you a special garment and experience.

Chic and modern fit

The Maxman brand suits are geared to appease the cutting edge fashion-forward crowd looking for a chic and modern fit in their latest suit. Maxman suits are not only sourced from the best quality fabrics and materials but made with the utmost care in the manufacturing of them. With four different lines of suits to choose from, Maxman has you covered from a full cut to the slimmest shape. These suits are the perfect combination of being designed for fit but loved and admired for their style.