A custom suit is not only an investment in your appearance but also a statement of confidence, personal style, and self-expression. In the world of custom suits and tuxedos, numerous styles cater to myriad tastes and preferences, ensuring each client finds the perfect fit that truly reflects his individuality.

At Rocco’s Custom Tailor in New Jersey, our professional tailors are dedicated to providing our clients with guidance in selecting the right fit and design, incorporating their unique preferences and ensuring the utmost satisfaction and comfort.

In this guide to various custom suit styles, we aim to enlighten you about the differences between popular suit styles as well as some lesser-known options. We will cover essential elements of custom suit design, including single-breasted and double-breasted jackets, lapel styles, vents, and more, to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your personal style.

The Jacket: Single-Breasted vs. Double-Breasted

  1. Single-Breasted Jackets

Single-breasted jackets are characterized by their clean, streamlined appearance, making them a versatile and popular choice for custom suits. Typically, these jackets feature one or two buttons, with the lapel folded back to create a “V” shape. Single-breasted suits cater to a broad range of occasions, from casual to formal, as they can be easily dressed up or down depending on your desired style.

  1. Double-Breasted Jackets

A double-breasted jacket offers a more formal and sophisticated aesthetic, with overlapping front flaps and two rows of buttons. This style is ideal for those seeking to make a bold statement or exude an air of refinement. Traditionally associated with power dressing, double-breasted jackets are best suited for formal events, such as weddings or business functions.

Lapel Styles: Notch, Peak, and Shawl

  1. Notch Lapels

The notch lapel is the most common lapel style, often seen on single-breasted suits. This versatile design features a triangular notch where the collar meets the lapel at a 75-90° angle, suitable for a wide range of occasions from casual to semi-formal events.

  1. Peak Lapels

Sporting wider and more angular edges, peak lapels are often found on double-breasted jackets but can also elevate the formality of a single-breasted suit. This traditional and sophisticated lapel style draws the eye upwards, creating a slimming effect and adding an extra touch of refinement to your custom suit.

  1. Shawl Lapels

Characterized by a continuous curve, the shawl lapel boasts a smooth, clean line around the collar and lapel, making it the ideal choice for tuxedos and black-tie events. With its elegant and timeless design, the shawl lapel exudes sophistication and is best reserved for special occasions.

Suit Vents: Single, Double, and Ventless

  1. Single Vent

The single vent, also known as the center vent, features a single slit up the rear of the jacket, providing ease of movement and a classic look. Most often seen on American-style suits, the single vent works well for all body types and plays a practical role in providing added comfort when sitting down.

  1. Double Vents

Featuring two slits at the back of the jacket, double vents—also known as side vents—are a popular choice for European suit styles. This design offers improved mobility and access to pockets while maintaining a sleek silhouette. Double vents are particularly favorable for those with wider hips as they tend to accentuate a slim waistline and provide balanced proportions.

  1. Ventles

Ventless jackets lack any rear slits, resulting in a clean, streamlined appearance that highlights the wearer’s waist and hips. While this style may limit mobility to some extent, it has its advantages in creating a sleek, uninterrupted line down the back of the suit, showcasing a slim and refined silhouette.

Custom Suit Patterns: Solid, Stripes, and Checks

  1. Solid Colors

For a timeless and versatile custom suit option, solid colors like navy, charcoal, and black are ideal, as they can be adapted for various occasions and effortlessly paired with different accessories and garments.

  1. Stripes

Striped custom suits are a classic, sophisticated choice, often associated with traditional British tailoring. Pinstripes are a subtle option, with thin, unobtrusive lines elongating the silhouette, while chalk stripes make a bolder statement with wider, more prominent stripes.

  1. Checks

From subtle windowpane designs to more pronounced plaid patterns, checked custom suits offer a distinct, stylish look that adds character and depth to your ensemble. These are ideal for those who desire a touch of flair without straying too far from classic suit designs.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect custom suit style involves understanding various design elements, from the jacket type to lapel styles, vents, and patterns. By exploring this comprehensive guide, you are equipped with an essential knowledge of custom suit styles and features to help you make an informed choice tailored to your unique taste and preferences.

At Rocco’s Custom Tailor, our expert tailors are dedicated to guiding you through the process of crafting your ideal custom suit. Through consultation and collaboration, we ensure our custom-made suits in New Jersey express your individuality — truly a garment you can be proud to wear!