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Rocco Custom Tailor | Custom Tuxedos and Alterations | Summit New Jersey


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A Personalized

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A Personalized

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A Personalized

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Rocco Custom Tailor | Shoes | Summit, NJ


A Personalized

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New Jersey’s Most Trusted Custom Suit and Tuxedo Tailoring at Your Service.

I have been in business for over forty years, and I love what I do.  Ensuring my customers are pleased with my work is a top priority.  This dedication is why I have over 200 five-star reviews on Google.  I invite you to visit, look and see for yourself here. Remember, at Rocco’s Custom Tailoring, your satisfaction is our success!

New Jersians are some of the most discerning people in our country.  Because of this, they demand perfection, and Rocco’s Custom Tailor does not disappoint.  We work hard to ensure we meet your expectations with the finest materials for our suits, shirts and accessories to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

You will always get professional friendly service with attention to detail no matter if you are having a suit altered, renting a tuxedo, or we are custom designing and making your suit.  Rocco’s Custom Tailor is here to serve you.

Custom Made to Measure Suits

Rocco’s offers a personalized experience that allows you to create tailor-made suits, tuxedos, or dress shirts. We use the finest materials, with an expert attention to detail. Find your perfect fit.

Perfect Alterations

We believe that the key to being impeccably dressed is having the right fit. Rocco’s Custom Tailoring has been doing alterations for over 40 years and offers a full range of Men’s and Women’s alterations.


What our clients say about us

Joan S. (Real Customer Review)

“I came to Rocco to have my son’s suit tailored for a special occasion. My son is 29 and has special needs. Rocco saved me money and customized a beautiful suit as well. My son immediately felt at ease and even allowed Rocco to choose a sharp looking man tailored shirt, tie, and formal dress shoes for him as well. We were so thrilled that we even ended up choosing a suit for my husband to wear to the same venue. To top it off, Rocco pulled out a guitar from the corner and sang a song to my son as he was sitting on the sofa My son was beaming and wants to come back to see Rocco soon to “make him look handsome”. Since then I have taken several pieces to be custom tailored, and I will never go to anyone else.”

Maria K. (Real Customer Review)

“Rocco literally saved the day for me!! I’m pregnant & the dress I was planning to wear to my best friend’s wedding suddenly didn’t fit my belly. I found a new dress at the mall BUT it needed to be taken in at the shoulders in less than 24 hours & was made of delicate fabric…
Rocco made it fit like a DREAM!!!!

I can’t say enough good things about him, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!”

Custom Suits & Shirts

Rocco’s Custom Tailoring crafts custom shirts, suits, tuxedos, and more. We use only the finest fabrics from the finest mills in both Europe and Asia to bring you the finest tailored experience. Please give us a call or stop by our shop to learn more.

Google Customer Reviews

  • I came to Rocco's to get an ill-fitting bridesmaid dress tailored. Rocco immediately knew which alterations to make, so the dress would fit me well. When I came back to... read more

    Zaynab Malik Avatar
    Zaynab Malik

    Rocco has been very helpful throughout the process of my brother in law fitting suits for his groomsmen. He went above and beyond to make sure our suits fit physically... read more

    Daniel Alessio Avatar
    Daniel Alessio

    Rocco is the best Tailor in Union county. He is very patient and gives amazing tips because he has seen it all. He has all the new styles and trends... read more

    John Callandrillo Avatar
    John Callandrillo
  • Thank you Rocco! I am so HAPPY with my husbands suit! Working with Rocco was such a pleasure he did everything we needed and worked with us on such a... read more

    Janet Davies Avatar
    Janet Davies

    Rocco was the BEST! He did my Fiancé and Father’s suits they came out beautiful. I loved how personal Rocco was with both of them and they are going to... read more

    Morgan Davies Avatar
    Morgan Davies

    We have been coming to Rocco's for years for tuxedos, tailoring, and many other items. This time, I showed up with one request - trying to get an impeccable suit... read more

    Roger Matthews Avatar
    Roger Matthews
  • Best fitting suit and set of shirts I’ve ever owned. Amazing experience and I’m completely satisfied with my purchase. Will use Rocco for many years to come!

    Leonard Avatar

    I highly recommend Rocco’s Custom Tailor for all your tailoring needs! Besides for his excellent tailoring, Rocco has a great selection of gorgeous suits and shoes to buy, as well... read more

    Max Agress Avatar
    Max Agress

    Rocco’s place is the easily the best tailor shop I’ve ever been too. I’ve purchased 1 tux and two suits from him and they’ve all come out perfect. I’ve also... read more

    Andrew Fischer Avatar
    Andrew Fischer
  • Rocco is Simply the best.Let me lay this out as succinctly as possible.I came in looking for a Tux with about 3 weeks to go before my wedding. I searched... read more

    Gus Gatto Avatar
    Gus Gatto

    Not only is the owner extremely friendly and knowledgeable, but you get a great musical performance as a bonus. Highly recommend this place!

    Sal Colatruglio Avatar
    Sal Colatruglio

    Very nice man. Made me feel comfortable and happy with his work. Must return for my song. He is a singer and guitar Player and promised me a Song the... read more

    James Kilkenny Avatar
    James Kilkenny
  • Rocco is Simply the best.

    Let me lay this out as succinctly as possible.

    I came in looking for a Tux with about 3 weeks to go before my wedding. I searched...
    read more

    Gus Gatto Avatar
    Gus Gatto

    Rocco did a great job fitting my adult children with tuxedos for a family wedding. I knew they were in good hands with Rocco.

    MJ Co Avatar
    MJ Co

    Rocco is amazing. My father looked at his shop and decided he was going to go there one day. My best friend unknowingly chose Rocco's to get all of our... read more

    Carl Wright II Avatar
    Carl Wright II
  • Went to Rocco’s for a wedding. I got measured in less than 5 minutes and he told me to come back 2 days before the day of the event. Came... read more

    Glenn Coutts Avatar
    Glenn Coutts

    Rocco at Rocco's Tailor is awesome!!! He is super friendly and provides great service! If you're lucky, he may even sign you a song!

    Peter Michael Avatar
    Peter Michael

    Rocco did a great job tailoring my suit for my best friend's wedding despite the fact that I was unable to visit his store to get measured. He helped... read more

    Kevin Towler Avatar
    Kevin Towler
  • Best custom tailor around.

    Mena Ibrahim Avatar
    Mena Ibrahim

    I have never been so pleased with a suit. Rocco is simply the best! Cutting a costume suit at Roccos is a joy, it’s a beautiful experience. We played music... read more

    Frenk Gjoca Avatar
    Frenk Gjoca

    I had an excellent experience with Rocco. He worked with me to get me my wedding suit that fit my preferences and budget. He delivered as promised. Would highly recommend.

    Darren Avatar
  • I had an excellent experience customizing a tuxedo for my wedding. From the start, Rocco assured me he could find me a great suit given the ideas I had in... read more

    Christopher Galea Avatar
    Christopher Galea

    Back in January, my then-fiancé (now husband) and I were looking to get him an all ivory tuxedo for our wedding. Those are hard to find in your normal department... read more

    Laura Barreto Avatar
    Laura Barreto

    Rocco definitely took care of me and helped bring my vision to life. I'm going to look very sharp for my wedding. Will certainly be going back even for... read more

    Jelani Davis Avatar
    Jelani Davis
  • Rocco is an amazing tailor! He is punctual, talented, and attentive! He sang to me during my most recent visit !!

    Amara Wahby Avatar
    Amara Wahby

    1st class customer service.

    mario cortes Avatar
    mario cortes

    My fiance was a groomsman at a wedding that picked Tuxedos by Rocco's for all the their groomsmen. The tuxedo was tailored to fit him perfect, he looked great and... read more

    Liz C Avatar
    Liz C
  • Rocco does a great job on everything I bring him, I recommend him to all my friends.

    Henry Sanchez Avatar
    Henry Sanchez

    My brother found Rocco using Google search. He needed a tuxedo for his reception on October 19 and we went to see Rocco on October 12. Rocco went above and... read more

    Maitri Vyas Avatar
    Maitri Vyas

    Rocco is the absolute best. If you go anywhere else for your wedding tuxedo or even a suit, you are a fool. Rocco will take care of you and make... read more

    Matthew P Avatar
    Matthew P
  • Rocco knows how to make a beautiful suit! I was the Man Of Honor at my friend's wedding in New Jersey and even though I live in New York City... read more

    Oscar Castillo Avatar
    Oscar Castillo

    My brother just had his wedding and all of the Groomsman got their Tuxedos from Rocco. This is now the 3rd Wedding I've been apart of this summer and the... read more

    John Dispenziere Avatar
    John Dispenziere

    I needed a tuxedo shirt for an event that I was attending, and Rocco helped me get all set up. He was very friendly and helpful. I was able to... read more

    Sarah Backstrand Avatar
    Sarah Backstrand
  • Rocco offered the best experience for tuxedos for our wedding. Five stars all the way, he goes above and beyond to make sure everybody looks their best. Unlike other rental... read more

    casay43 Avatar

    We rented three tuxes for my daughter’s wedding. My daughter’s future father-in-law needed a tux quickly and was fitted on the Friday before the wedding and left that day with... read more

    Josephine Urbelis Avatar
    Josephine Urbelis

    All I can say is his customer service is unbelievable. Not to mention the tuxedos I rented from him look great and he can make adjustments on the spot... read more

    Matthew Brill Avatar
    Matthew Brill
  • I went into Rocco’s shop knowing I needed a suit, but didn’t really know exactly what I was looking for. He helped me with everything and made me confident in... read more

    Timothy Cohen Avatar
    Timothy Cohen

    Amazing experience. Rocco is a genuine and hospitable guy, who unexpectedly brightened my day.

    ben samson Avatar
    ben samson

    Great tux, fantastic service!

    Nathan Hefner Avatar
    Nathan Hefner
  • Needed to get a tuxedo for my cousin's wedding. I'm a bigger dude. Rocco worked with me one-on-one for over an hour until my tuxedo fit perfectly. If you need... read more

    Frank Ardolino Avatar
    Frank Ardolino

    I heard a lot of good things about this tailor shop that make good tuxedos too. I baught a suit online and I didn’t like the way it fitted me... read more

    Rammie Abdulaziz Avatar
    Rammie Abdulaziz

    Rocco's is the real deal! I took the drive out to his shop after seeing all the stellar reviews left by his clients. I brought him 2 suits that I... read more

    Edward Modica Avatar
    Edward Modica
  • I needed a tuxedo for a friend's wedding so I stopped by Rocco's. I was greeted by Rocco who gave me the right advice and direction I was looking for.... read more

    D.J. Jameson Avatar
    D.J. Jameson

    Rocco is the only tailor I could trust to make sure my wedding party of 17 was ready to go on my wedding day. He goes above and beyond... read more

    Joseph Minniti Avatar
    Joseph Minniti

    Visited for the first time to have a suit that I purchased online altered. I chose Rocco's because of the reviews and they did not disappoint. They listened to exactly... read more

    David Colberg Avatar
    David Colberg
  • Great price and very easy. I highly recommend!

    Andrew W Avatar
    Andrew W

    As soon as we walked in Rocco got right to the point. He took care of us swiftly and efficiently making sure we have everything we would need. Even though... read more

    Prashant Houst Avatar
    Prashant Houst

    Rocco’s is a great place with a great tailor!! When you put on a suit tailored by rocco you feel like a million bucks!! Will definitively be purchasing from here... read more

    phettii Avatar
  • I went to Rocco to get a custom tux for my wedding. I was not an easy fit. I was looking for a slim fit look and Rocco pulled it... read more

    mario palumbo Avatar
    mario palumbo

    The combination of excellent quality and excellent service make for an overall wonderful experience at Rocco's Taylor Shop. From intake to final product, this charismatic man brought a level of... read more

    Donnie Damon, Jr. Avatar
    Donnie Damon, Jr.

    Service was awesome and the tux selection was spot on!

    Michael Palencar Avatar
    Michael Palencar
  • Rocco has been extremely helpful and accommodating during my upcoming wedding. His professionalism, continuous support, and great work is why I have no issues referring him to anyone who needs... read more

    Kesean Wilson Avatar
    Kesean Wilson

    I brought a bridesmaid dress in to be shortened last minute. They did a beautiful job with a quick turnaround time.The hemming ended up being much more complicated than they... read more

    Jocelin Cheng Avatar
    Jocelin Cheng

    Excellent place - I had a not so great experience getting a ‘custom suit’ from a big store at the mall. Took it to Rocco, got work done, still wasn’t... read more

    Asim Khan Avatar
    Asim Khan
  • If you’re looking for Taylor don’t waste your time. I had fantastic experience at the Rocco tailor shop! This is the only place to go! Rocco makes you feel like... read more

    Camilla Essner Avatar
    Camilla Essner

    Renting tuxedos from Rocco was great and fun experience. We needed 3 suits for our son's wedding (including the one for the groom) and Rocco was extremely accommodating and... read more

    Irina Ramachandran Avatar
    Irina Ramachandran

    Had a superb experience with Rocco. He was very professional and took great pride in his work, my wife and I really loved the custom made suit he made for... read more

    Advait Pandya Avatar
    Advait Pandya
  • I walked into Rocco's to have a bridemaid's dress hemmed about 2.5 weeks before the wedding (very short notice) and Rocco was able to take perfect measurements, and have the... read more

    Cathleen Keating Avatar
    Cathleen Keating

    Great service by Rocco with modern tuxedos

    Steven Elmes Avatar
    Steven Elmes

    Great tailor, not just for men but women too! I went in to have skirts and pants taken in. He did an amazing job. I've had a few bad experiences... read more

    Dena Ray Avatar
    Dena Ray